Grow Your Own Medicine Cabinet

Turn your brown thumb green, or green thumb greener while enhancing your own health! Roots Medicine Gardens is a unique Denver-based gardening company that tailors your garden to your personal well-being. Founded in 2014 by herbalist and gardener, Marla Alexander, who believes that everyone should have access to healing herbs. Take on wellness in a completely hands on way – growing and harvesting your own herbal remedies, right where you live!

We start with an intake of your own current health picture, taking into account health history and present concerns, and then we head outside for a look at what is available for herbification! Whether you want a lot of herbs or just an essential few (and every amount in between!), it’s all up to you. I’ll be your personal herb garden coach – giving tips on growing healthy plants, how and when to harvest your herbs, and finally, hands on instruction on how to turn your harvest into remedies you can use all year long.

You can address your overall health – enhance the functioning of your digestive and immune systems, get deeper sleep and relaxation, have first aid herbal medicine on hand for minor burns, cuts, stings, etc. or get more specific with your needs.

Benefits to You:

  • Personalized Plant Choices – Garden designs for your needs! I work with you and your yard (or pots on a balcony, if the case may be) to produce a custom garden that helps address your particular needs.
  • Environmentally Friendly – Locally harvested herbs means a smaller carbon footprint, and high quality herbs that are fresh! You know exactly where your herbs came from and how they were grown.
  • One on One Guided Instruction – I will demonstrate a variety of techniques involving everything from growing your herbs and harvesting them at their peak potency, to learning how to make effective herbal preparations such as teas, salves, tinctures, cough syrups, etc.
  • Empowerment – You will have simple remedies for yourself, and knowledge that benefits your family and community. You gain a personal relationship with the plants that go into your medicine making.



Disclaimer – This website and the contents of it are intended for educational purposes only. If you have a medical condition or health emergency, seek advice from a qualified medical healthcare professional!